1. Do I need to open an account on manolajewelry.com in order to make a purchase?

– It is necessary to register on our website to make a purchase. By registering you accelerate the process of ordering, because your data remains in our database, and during the next purchase you will need to enter only your email address and password.

2. How the item is delivered and how do I pay for it?

– Manola Jewelry is delivering your order with Post Express courier on your door, with shipping costs that vary, depending on the final product price(s). You will pay in cash on delivery.

3. How much time is needed from ordering to delivery of the item?

– The shipment is done by fast courier, so your order is usually delivered the next day until 19:00h, during the work days (Monday-Friday).

4. Is there a possibility of delivery outside the territory of Serbia?

– Yes, there is. For deliveries outside the territory of the Republic of Serbia, please contact us directly at studio@manolajewelry.com, without making a purchase on our website. For now, we only do shipments within the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

5. If I order, do I need to collect the package in the post office or it will be delivered on my door?

– We are doing door delivery. If the package is not collected for some reason with the first door delivery, the postman will leave you a confirmation that the shipment arrived, and you have to pick it up within 5 days, at the postal branch as indicated on the certificate.

6. What I ordered is not what I expected. Can I get my money back?

– If you are not satisfied with Manola jewelry for some reason, the money will be refunded, but it is subject to certain conditions. Please read detailed instructions in Shipping & Returns.

7. How do I know whether the size of a particular Manola jewelry piece suits me?

– Most of the models are of universal size, you can adjust them according to your personal needs.

8. Can I see somewhere in person Manola jewelry before I decide to buy it?

– Currently, Manola jewelry can be found only in Serbia, in several locations in Belgrade and at Kopaonik. Check the list of stockist here.

9. The product that I want to order is not available, can I reserve it?

– Unavailable items can not be reserved, but if you put it on your Wishlist, it will automatically reappear when it becomes available in stock.

10. How to properly maintain Manola jewelry?

– All information on maintenance and cleaning of jewelry can be found in Care instructions.