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Brighten Up With Manola Bracelets

The short, gloomy and rainy days have came faster than we thought. That shouldn’t be an excuse to feel (or look) bad. Here at Manola we like to think that every fall bring us a new start! A new start is always a good excuse for adding more fashion staples into your wardrobe, so it’s a perfect moment to brighten up with Manola bracelets!. When it comes to jewelry, bags and shoes, you can never have too much of them, right?

We want to show you how you can wear bright and pastel colors during autumn. We prepared for you, three different ways of styling this. The three styles are comprised of glam, sporty and casual! It’s up to you to see which one fits you the most.

Brighten up with Manola bracelets - stack of bracelet - gold bracelets - pastel bracelets - chic bracelets - unique stack of bracelets - stylish bracelets

Style it in athleisure

In case you didn’t know what athleisure styling is, it’s mixing casual and sportswear staples for everyday looks. You can wear them to school, work or university. They are very comfortable, but yet very classy. Most people would think that when you wear sporty staples you can’t wear jewelry. We say no to that! You can and it looks amazing. It’s important to pick your jewelry smart so it can fit your style perfectly.

Brighten up with Manola bracelets - chic stack of bracelets - chic jewelry - chic bracelets - unique charm bracelets
Brighten up with Manola bracelets - bracelet stack - unique stack of bracelets - chic bracelets - chic jewelry - pastel bracelets

For today we have a set of bracelets. These are very special as they are custom made. In case you didn’t know we make custom made pieces of jewelry! You can pick which jewelry you want as well as the style and the colors.  In this case we have grey and pink bracelets which are made of crystal beads and 24k gold charms. As a final touch we added a Dance floor deep red bracelet. It’s one of our most popular bracelets as it’s very easy to style and it goes perfectly with all the other bracelets we have!

Brighten up with Manola bracelets - chic stack of bracelets - pastel bracelets - gold charm bracelets - stack of bracelets - chic jewelry

Rock it like a real fashionista!

If you are a real fashionista then make sure to pull out your favorite statement jacket and get ready to rock it with this beautiful custom made set of bracelets. When you take a look at this outfit, it could cross your mind that any jewelry would be too much, but these bracelets are perfect extension to this magnificent look. It’s chic, trendy and extravagant. A Manola girl can go for any style, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Casual style

In the case that you aren’t a risk taker we have a solution for you as well! When you are in a rush and you don’t have too much time to think about what you should wear, just throw on your favorite sweater, jeans and these bracelets and it will brighten up your day. It’s effortlessly chic and stylish.

Don’t let these rainy days ruin your mood, put your smile on and conquer the world! Oh..yes, and don’t forget your Manola pieces, they will make everything easier and much more stylish!

Brighten up with Manola bracelets - chic jewelry - stylish jewelry - unique style - street fashion - stack of bracelets - unique gold bracelets
Brighten up with Manola bracelets - chic bracelets - stack of manola bracelets - chic jewelry - casual style - fashion jewelry

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