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Christmas Statement Necklaces

Christmas Signature Scent

Most women wear jewelry to magnify their own beauty, not just to make fashion statement. With Christmas quickly approaching, we want to make sure you look your best with Christmas Statement necklaces by Manola.

This time we have a special Christmas proposal for you! It’s a big mistake if you thought bright colored jewelry is only for hot days. Of course it is not!

Snowflake Necklace

First piece of selected Christmas gift from Manola is Chilly necklace. This delightful piece of fashion jewelry is made of the highest quality crystal beads made is Czech Republic. By the way, did you know that Czech glass beads are one of the oldest type of beads dating back over 300 years!

Chilly Necklace is made of white crystal beads, flavored with reseda beads and 24k gold plated charms. Lucky red cord with gold plated spacers will give you more festive look for this time of year.

Chilly Necklace - white beaded necklace - lucky red necklace - lucky jewelry - chic gold necklace

Christmas Spirit

The second Christmas necklace you could match with Chilly Necklace is New Journey Red Necklace. It’s a red cord necklace with 24k gold plated key charm and black crystal. The good thing about this fashion necklace is there are two adjustable knots. You can make this necklace shorter or longer by placing the knots.

For example, if you wear a t-shirt, short necklace will look impressive. For a long, plunging neckline, catchy long necklace will highlight with your skin.

New Journey Red Necklace - red necklace - lucky necklace - gold necklace - cord necklace - red string necklace

We hope you will like our Christmas statement necklace proposals. In case you want to look more of Manola’s designs, check out our SHOP

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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