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How To Stack Manola Bracelets

Stacking jewelry is a major trend for quite some time. Manola girl is always on the hunt for new trends and gossip. For the new gossip, this time round we want to show jewelry lovers how to stack Manola bracelets!

Before we dive into it, we want to share some good news with you!

Manola in ELLE’s October 2017 Issue

Our gold bracelets have a special place in the latest October issue of ELLE magazine! Our famous actress Hana Selimovic wears Manola Simple Truth bracelet together with the Dance Floor Deep Red bracelet. We are incredibly happy and proud to be able to work with one of the first and most famous fashion magazines in the world!

To honour the light cast on these two bracelets in the latest issue of Elle, we wanted to show you how you can incorporate Manola 24k gold plated bracelets in your everyday style.

How to Stack Manola Bracelets - stacking bracelets - elle magazine - elle - fashion magazine - stack of bracelets

Go with a black

When you are not sure what you should style in terms of color, textures and shapes you should always go with a black color. This way you can never go wrong. For your base you can go with the Spacious bracelet. It’s a black, minimal bracelet with 24k gold plated details. Gold details on a black bracelet mix wonderfully and it’s one of our favorite combinations. A subtle clash of sexy and daring.

After you are done with choosing your base, it’s now safe to stack onto it. The Simple Truth set of bracelets would be our next choice. Besides this one there are six other gold bracelets which are perfectly matching with the Spacious bracelet.

How to stack Manola bracelets - stacking bracelets - chic bracelets - stacking gold bracelets

You can leave it here, but if you want it to be more delicate you should take a look at the Lordly bracelet. It’s a thin bracelet made of black fabric with 24k gold plated beads. Now this is how stacking should look like, you have a set of bulky bangles with two thinner pairs of bracelets made of different materials. They are complementing each other perfectly.

If you want to add a splash of color to your new set of bracelets, you should think about the Dance Floor Deep Red bracelet. It’s a simple dark red bracelet with a 24k gold plated coin charm.

And Voila! You make it happen! In case this is the first time for you, we recommend to use from 3-5 bracelets. If you are stacking both hands, you should keep in mind to less condense one of your wrists. You don’t want to go too crazy on both hands.

Remember, stacking is always about taking risks and matching different styles, textures and colors. So go nuts!

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