Manola at Belgrade Fashion Week - Aleksandra Lalic - unique clothes - statement earrings

Manola at Belgrade Fashion Week

Manola had a great pleasure to collaborate with an established artist and fashion designer Aleksandra Lalic for her new collection Wandering Womb at Belgrade Fashion Week. This interesting lady who graduated in History of Art, with each new collection pleasantly surprises and makes refreshment of today’s almost lethargic Serbian fashion scene.

Manola at Belgrade Fashion Week - fashion - designer - Lalica - Aleksandra Lalic - fashion week - chic jewelry

Daring and clearly defined with the message she sends, successfully brings to life a heritage of certain epochs and art movements which she finds inspiriting.  With her creations, she revives woman’s body and mind from the past by placing them to the walks of life of present. She is cleverly pointing out the women’s position, her experiences and feelings, as well as what it WAS and what it IS her social role stated by the system.

Her authentic way of simple, but bold cut, sculpturing, use of natural fabric movements and motifs are signed with her brand LalicA.

Manola at Belgrade Fashion Week - fashion - designer - Aleksandra Lalic - Lalica - fashion jewelry - chic earrings

As well as others, Lalica’s new collection Wandering Womb is a set in motion of cultural myths about femininity. HYSTERIA, as a state of ENTHUSIASM in the resistance against forced social rules is dressed in dandy straitjacket and decorated with a white collar.

Even this time she didn’t leave us indifferent. Congratulations!

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