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One Day At Villa Borghese

So Difficult To Resist

The sweet period made of warm days and pink sunset, which we Romans call “ottobrata” has already turned out. Although the end of November, the clime of Rome is still mild.

In these days, the sun is an invitation to which is difficult to resist. As soon as I make time, I choose to challenge the morning mist and laziness to spend some morning hours in the park. The one I consider the most beautiful in Rome – Villa Borghese. It is a kind of place where every corner of it, even the most famous one, catches the eye.

The morning goal is one hour jogging in the fascinating beauty of nature, with its most seductive dress – autumnal! I’m entering the northern entrance of the city, because it’s one of the most peaceful spots, overdrafted by the tourists only in the late morning hours.

One Day At Villa Borghese - Travelling Italy - Rome Tour - Rome Guide - Villa Borghese

It’s About The Soul

After about half an hour spent in this magical place, my morning footing turns into a walk. Now it’s time to let myself be led by the chromatic scale of colors. Even fifty shades of each color are not sufficient to tell the story of this scenery. Every declination is present.

This nature with the complicity of its illumination completely captures me. I’m happy I didn’t neglect bringing with me my camera in the lightweight backpack I use for my daily workout.

Entering the park, I’m choosing the nearest ingress to the Museum Borghese. I am leaving the main road to get the small ones, which are less frequented by the tourists. I head for Il Pincio. I’m catching the most intimate and magical essence of this park, and not only…

Going across the neoclassical rigor of the English garden marked with fine statues and fountains, with evocative prospective views, I feel the soul of this city.  It’s about the soul impregnated with the time. Time, with its declinations of the past, present and future, permeates every corner of Rome.

Walking around, I’m cuddling with the sun and thinking about the great en plein air painters of the 18th and 19th centuries. By coming to Rome, they tried to recreate it with their palettes.

One Day At Villa Borghese - Rome - Villa Borghese - Italy - Rome Tour - Guide Rome

One Lifetime Is Not Enough

The light of Rome is telling us the story about the feeling of a time. The perception of its flow between past and present. That justifies its nomination of Grande Bellezza. Fragile and precarious, but still eternal. It’s impossible to describe it, except by approximations and synesthesia.

Surrendered to the view of Il Pincio, I’m putting away my camera. Again, I want to immerse myself to the scenery of its roofs and domes. I have already experienced it, but actually I’m not. I’m hearing the voice in my head IN ROME ONE LIFETIME IS NOT ENOUGH.

Author & Ph. credit Claudia Chiurazzi @cloude_kiuratzi_

Translation @manolajewelry

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