Fashion bracelets remain one of the most essential fashion accessories. Everyone likes to wear them. They are perfect for hot summer days and holidays. You can wear them for any occasion, during the day, at the beach, but also for the night out.

Bracelets are important part of every woman wardrobe. You can easily transform your simple look into a statment one, by adding a stylish bracelet.

Try to mix different colors and materials, so you can get the perfect blend. Let everyone wish to have fashion bracelets like you.

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Clear Visions Set Bracelet


Collect Moments Set Bracelet

 20.99  15.99

Deep Blue Bracelet


Give Me The Night Bracelet


Gold Star Cord Bracelet

Greater Day Set Bracelet

Greater Day Set Bracelet

Heart Silver Set Bracelet - heart stack bracelets - Manola jewelry

Heart Silver Set Bracelet


Holy Lavender Bracelet

I Wish Set Bracelet - burgundy bracelets - shiny bracelets - Manola jewelry

I Wish Set Bracelet


Initial Cord Bracelet


Inner Space Set Bracelet


Jade Coin Bracelet