Handmade jewelry expresses love by the one who made it, at least it’s the case with Manola jewelry. We make it, first of all, with respect of a woman’s kind, her dignity and way to express herself, her emotions and feelings.

Unique designed jewelry by Manola represent crafting with love, flowed in various charm shapes, colors and high quality materials. You can find a large range of pendant shapes like hearts, stars, circles, coins, beads and other design of the custom made charms. Also, there are matte, opaque and glossy bead colors. You can find different kind of models, from classic to glamorous,  as well as, casual and elegant.

Every woman wants to have some unique fashion accessory, and she wants it with the reason. She feels self confidence and she is ready to show it.

We are here to bring that final add to your style and give you something special with Manola handmade jewelry.

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All Around Necklace

Allure Set Necklace - coral necklace - gold chain set necklace - Manola jewelry

Allure Set Necklace


Always There Set Necklace

 32.99  27.99

Amma Necklace


Angel Dangle Earrings

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Antique Pearl Earrings

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By The Light Bracelet


By The Light Necklace


Carlina Necklace


Ci Sei Bracelet


Ci Sei Necklace


Clear Visions Set Bracelet