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Update Your Closet With Manola Gold

Fall is the perfect time to update your closet with Manola gold statement pieces. Manola is here to make sure that statement is hearing loud and clear. The pieces are minimalistic but bold at the same time and they are lifting every outfit. Be sure, heads will turn!
We want to introduce you our jewelry and what better way than through our necklaces? It’s something that we are most proud of and when people talk about Manola jewelry, necklaces are their favorite!

Update Your Closet With Manola Gold - statement necklaces - gold necklaces - chic necklaces - manola necklaces

Style Manola gold necklaces with your everyday outfits

Our first recommendation would have to be the gold plated charm necklaces. They were a huge trend through last season and this fall we are making no exceptions! The key of wearing charm necklaces is layering . When you are layering, you need to do it the right way. We recommend pairing the gold plated Imperious Black Necklace with the Dreamer Necklace.

They both have 24k gold plated closure with various shapes of beads. The contrast between the black and the gold gives a luxurious touch. They are great for styling together because one necklace is just the right amount shorter than the other one. This is a great choice when you want to bring your everyday look to life. Chic, elegant and classy!

Update Your Closet With Manola Gold - red jewelry - lucky jewelry - lucky necklaces - good luck necklaces

If you are a risk taker and feeling particularly risky then we recommend pairing the Feeling Good and Right Direction Red Necklace. They are a bit more catchy than the first pick. If you want to feel good you need to wear  Feel Good ! Here at Manola we are all about sharing positive energy, the same kind that we put into making our jewelry.

Feeling Good Necklace is made of 24k gold plated beads, crystal beads with 24k gold plated arrow charms and corals. If you don’t want to wear it alone you can style it with the Right Direction Red Necklace. The gold plated charms and the red fabric is a perfect match.

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This set of necklaces is appropriate for every occasion, from the casual all the way to the more fancy ones. You can style it with a plain white blouse and jeans or with a black dress and biker boots. It’s all up to you! With a look this good you’ll be flowing with positive energy.

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