Lavender Bliss Necklace


Indulge in enchantment with our Lavender Bliss Necklace, where the ethereal hues of agate meet the timeless allure of gold-plated intricacies, adorned with handmade purple knots between each stone, a wearable masterpiece that whispers elegance and captures the essence of sophistication.

Dress up your daily denim or add a touch of charm to your favorite sundress with the Lavender Bliss Necklace – perfect for any casual chic look.


Agate Stone, 18K Gold Plated /Stainless Steel, Alloy


Length  – from 38 cm to 43 cm, adjustable

Please note that due to the individuality of these natural stones, the items may vary slightly from the displayed photos, ensuring you receive a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


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Adorn yourself with our Lavender Bliss Necklace, a captivating fusion of lavender agate and mother of pearl beads, delicately adorned with gold-plated details.

Each uunique agate stone radiates tranquility, harmonizing with the iridescence of mother of pearl beads to create a wearable masterpiece that exudes serenity and sophistication. Crafted for comfort, the lightweight design ensures ease throughout the day, while the adjustable closure allows for a personalized fit, tailored to your individual style.

The timeless allure of gold-plated accents makes this necklace a versatile companion suitable for various occasions, from special events to infusing everyday moments with refined charm. Embrace the enduring elegance of Lavender Bliss, a reflection of your refined taste and appreciation for life’s finer details.



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