Madagascan Odyssey Set Bracelet


Elevate your style with our Triple Madagascar Bracelet, a chic fusion of Madagascar agate, iolite stone, and vibrant red glass stones, elegantly accented by gold hematite beads.

Whether worn solo for refined simplicity or stacked for a trendsetting look, this bracelet embodies timeless sophistication, bringing a touch of natural beauty and individuality to your wrist.


Madagascan Agate Stone, Iolite Stone, Glass beads, Hematite Stone, 18K Gold Plated /Stainless Steel


Length  – from 17.5 cm to 19 cm, adjustable


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Madagascan Odyssey Set Bracelet– a harmonious blend of Madagascar agate stones, iolite, and vibrant red glass stones, gracefully intertwined with the lustrous allure of gold hematite beads.

This bracelet encapsulates the essence of elegance, offering a versatile adornment that seamlessly complements your style.

Wear it alone for a touch of refined simplicity or stack it with other pieces for a trendsetting look. Elevate your wrist with this exquisite creation, where each bead resonates with the timeless beauty of bygone eras. Crafted to captivate, our Triple Madagascar Bracelet is a statement of sophistication and individuality.



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